~ What is Cicada Art Jewelry?

Cicada Art Jewelry is a home-based business located in
Denver, Colorado. All of the finished products were
designed and made by hand by me, Jeanette Norman.
My materials come mostly from the U.S., Europe, and Asia.
But the finished products are all made by me at home.

I design and make hand-crafted jewelry that is abstract or
nature themed, plus a bit that is atheism-themed, and some
non-jewelry items. I do a lot of polymer clay work, and
also some beadwork and some simple strung designs.

I have an Etsy shop here:

The Cicada Art Jewelry Facebook page is here:

I can be reached by customers at:

Or keep in touch via the Denver area's atheist and
humanist groups on Meetup.com.

~ Ordering Info

Shipping prices are for U.S. basic delivery by USPS.

Customers in other countries can order, but must pay the
actual postage rate by PayPal before items will be sent.

U.S. customers who want to the item shipped by a different
carrier or by an expedited or otherwise more expensive method
must pay the difference by PayPal before items will be sent.

 If you order items from THIS website, you must pay with
PayPal. If you are in Colorado, PayPal will add sales tax to the price.
(There's no sales tax for orders outside Colorado.)

If you want to pay by another method you can order from my
Etsy shop, where you can pay with PayPal, credit card, and
several other payment options. If you want to buy any item
that is listed here but not on Etsy, contact me and I will
create a reserved listing for you.

~ What is Art Jewelry?
    (Some broad and debatable
  • Fine Jewelry: Largely valued for the expense of its materials as well as for its beauty. (Side note: can also bleed into art jewelry.)
  • Fashion Jewelry:
    • Made of less expensive materials
    • Worn to match an outfit
    • Typically mass-produced and not terribly original
  • Art Jewelry: Can be made of any materials, expensive or not.
    • Intended to be wearable artwork
    • Typically includes very expressive statement pieces
    • Its individuality highlights the individuality of the wearer
    • Always hand-crafted
    • Typically one-of-a-kind or made in limited runs of similar items
The line between fashion jewelry and art jewelry can be
a fine one because fashion can be elaborate and art can
be basic, and either is an expression of personal style.
And both varieties are often denigrated as “costume
jewelry.” Art jewelry is artisan jewelry, individually
made pieces that support handcraft as a value.

I like to offer a variety of prices and styles, so I make
some pieces simple enough that they are more like
fashion jewelry, as well as pieces with so much
character that they are definitely art jewelry.

~ Values
In addition to being a crafter I'm also an atheist, secular
humanist, skeptic, Democrat, and feminist. I'm only human,
but I aim to embrace a reality-based world view. When
people buy from me their money is not going to churches or
right-wing political causes, nor to jewelry designers who ship
production of their name-brand items off to sweatshops.
What they are supporting is small and local business, hand-
crafts, and creativity and self-expression.

~ Why the Cicada Logo?

The short answer (leaving out
personal reasons): Insects and
other flying creatures have been
used as symbols of transcendence
and metamorphosis in jewelry and
artwork through the ages in numerous cultures. The butterfly is a common example, but I wanted to use one that
was more unusual. I designed my logo
in 2001, using beading graph paper
and colored pencils.