Below: Examples of Cicada Art Jewelry "Trilobites," "Jellyfish," and Other Polymer Clay Work. 

Cicada Art Jewelry is an atheist business.  Please consider donating to the Richard Dawkins Foundation (not affiliated with me), which engages in charity and education and also provided the atheist community with the "red A" symbol. More info on that can be found on their website: http://outcampaign.org/

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This site is new and is a work in progress. More pages, photos, a shopping cart for some items, and other whistles and bells will be added as I continue work on the site. 

~Jeanette M. Norman

Find Cicada Art Jewelry on Other Sites

The Made by Atheists website has a beautiful gallery, but I don't know if they're planning to continue working on the site. Contact me for information about any of the items you see in my gallery [CicadaArtJewelry (at) yahoo.com]. MadebyAtheists.com: http://madebyatheists.com/seller/show/267#

My occasionally used Etsy shop: http://www.etsy.com/shop/CicadaArtJewelry